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Warrior Class #1

Warrior Class for men

On Saturday mornings, men in our church are gathering for “The Warrior Class.” It’s a simple breakfast, simple (one principle) lesson, and simple mini-group discussion. If you missed the first week, or want to revisit the first principle again, here’s what we covered:

Principle: A warrior must know whom he fights for.
Passage: 1 Samuel 17 (see especially v.26, 37, 45-47)

Knowing: Jesus is King; we submit to Him and are loyal to Him. Jesus defeated evil, sin, and death. He fights battles I can’t win.
Do I see Jesus as a conquering King? What doubts do I have? Am I loyal to Him in every way? Do I answer to Him? Do I ask Him for instruction?

Believing: I need the Gospel because I want to be king; I need forgiveness. Jesus gives this forgiveness; He is a king worth fighting for. Real manhood means trusting Jesus as King.
Why do I want to be my own King? What fears cause this? Have I surrendered to King Jesus? Have I asked for His forgiveness? Do I believe Jesus is a King worth fighting for? Whose approval matters most to me?

Doing: A warrior looks for areas of life that lack loyalty. He brings all under his responsibility and influence into war mode. Real manhood means discipline. Real manhood means sacrifice, just like the King we follow.
(Hands) What areas of my life display loyalty to Jesus the strongest? How am I showing loyalty to Jesus in front of my wife? How am I showing loyalty to Jesus in front of my children? What areas display loyalty to Jesus the weakest? What changes do I need to make immediately? What habits need to change/end/begin to better receive instruction from King Jesus?

Each week we’ll report back with success stories from applying the previous week’s lesson. Feel free to comment below, too.