About Me

Larry has been serving as Senior Pastor of Winslow Baptist Church in Winslow, Maine since 2005.  Born in New Jersey, he served in youth and children’s ministry in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania before moving to Maine in 2005.  He is a graduate of Messiah College and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and is particularly passionate about preaching and pastoral leadership.

His personal interests include music, creative media, sports, and the consumption of culinary excellence.  When traveling Larry will take an otherwise inconvenient detour to find a Chipotle Mexican Grill, and has been known to wax eloquent about Chick-fil-a restaurants.  If he wasn’t a pastor, he might have become a film maker of epic awesomeness.  Or a rock star.

Larry and his wife, Jen, live in Winslow with their three daughters, Labrador Retriever, Maine Coon Cat, and three two hermit crabs.  They are deeply committed to the Winslow community.

The views expressed in this blog are not necessarily the views of Winslow Baptist Church or its other leaders.


2 responses to “About Me”

  1. Christina McInnis says :

    I have found that many churchs are different. I had almost given up going to church. Than one Sunday I came to the Winslow Baptist Church. I liked what I heard and found the people accepting of others. You are always ready to listen when someone needs you. I love the small group that I am in. They are caring people who have become family to myself and Joe. Thank you for having us in your family.

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