Maine State Senate Opening Prayer


I had the opportunity again to open the Maine State Senate in prayer.  My prayer this time was based on Luke 20:25, “He said to them, ‘Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.’”  The first part of the prayer focuses on faithful government service (i.e. giving to Caesar), while the second part focuses on the whole person (i.e. giving to God) and especially life outside of the Senate chamber.  My wife, Jen, joined me this year and we very much enjoyed our visit.

Maine State Senate Prayer 2017
Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Rev. Larry J. Lakey

Good morning, please bow with me in prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are perfectly gracious and You give us every good thing to enjoy.  Thank You for this day, and for the opportunity to work and serve the people of this great state.  Thank You for the men and women who serve in this Senate body.  Help them to serve well in their trusted roles.  May they serve selflessly, pursuing the common good over and above their own interests.  Grant them an exemplary standing in abiding the law.  Help them to navigate difficult issues and situations that might endanger their integrity, and protect them against false accusation.  Give them an unusual ability to listen to each other, to highly regard the perspectives of those with whom they disagree.  May they see the worth You have invested in every person made in Your Image.  Grant them patience and a gracious spirit when working as colleagues.  Give them uncommon wisdom, clarity of thought, and the perseverance needed to work creatively toward effective solutions for complex problems.  Make their work productive and fruitful for the good of those whom they serve.  Grant them the good reputation that is earned by those who steward well this authority and this great responsibility.

Father, I also pray that you would bless each one of them in a very personal way.  May their lives outside of government work be rich and satisfying.  Grant not only the ability to work well, but the peace and rest needed when the work day is done.  Bless them in their relationships with family; may they find joy in knowing and loving others, as well as in being known and loved by others.  Give them transparency and intimacy with those who care for them most.  Protect them from those who would merely use them for political influence.  Bring genuine friendships into their lives, and trusted companions with whom to share all of the good things You give.  Grant them the perspective needed to make wise investments in relationships that far outlast the duration of their public service.  I pray that their lives outside this chamber would be just as rich and full as their collaborative work here together could possibly be.

May the great State of Maine thrive because of those who serve in this Senate.

I pray this in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.


About Larry Lakey

Jesus follower, husband, father, pastor, preacher, leader, bass player, recovering legalist.

2 responses to “Maine State Senate Opening Prayer”

  1. Vicki Schad says :

    Larry, this is an extraordinary honor and opportunity! Thank you for your clear and loving words over these who hear so much that is unclear and even hateful. God bless you and your family today. Love, the Schads

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