Warrior Class #2

On Saturday mornings, men in our church gather for “The Warrior Class.” It’s a simple breakfast, simple (one principle) lesson, and simple mini-group discussion. If you missed this week’s lesson, or want to revisit the principle again, here’s what we covered:

Principle: A godly warrior always follows orders.

Passage: 1 Samuel 15:1-35

Knowing:  God’s idea of right and wrong is better than mine.

Is your sense of right and wrong influenced more by God’s Word or by your own ideas and values?

In what ways are you tempted to lead by your own values?

What missed opportunities or consequences has sin caused in your life?

Believing:  My failed life and leadership must be redeemed by Jesus.

Do you believe that God’s Word is always right and good?

What areas of your life and leadership need to be redeemed by forgiveness?

What is God calling you to painfully surrender for the sake of obedience?

Doing:  When I trust God, my actions reveal it.

Are your actions always consistent with your stated beliefs?  Why or why not?

What have you been bargaining with God instead of obeying?

What is one thing that you know you must do to obey God immediately?

Each week we report back with success stories from applying the previous week’s lesson. Feel free to comment below, too.


About Larry Lakey

Jesus follower, husband, father, pastor, preacher, leader, bass player, recovering legalist.

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