Annual Meeting Bingo!

Each year our church holds an Annual Membership Meeting to conduct formal business, review the previous fiscal year, and look forward to the next.  Recently, the staff at my church put our heads together to come up with a lighthearted way of looking at what can (and often does) take place in the meeting.  Didn’t someone say that learning to laugh at ourselves means we’ll never cease to be entertained?

I think that every pastor and staff must go through a great deal of stress in preparation for the church’s annual meeting, for several reasons.  We want to make sure our facts and information are correct.  We want the experience to build unity and not cause division.  We know that not everyone there will be happy with the direction the church is headed (sad, but normal).  We rightly expect the unexpected.  To be totally transparent, it’s my least favorite time of year for these reasons.  But brainstorming and recording these items was a big stress relief.

But maybe there is another benefit to laughing at ourselves: It means we’ll take God more seriously.  And when we take God more seriously, all of the challenges we face become opportunities to see Him at work.  So I’m praying for a great meeting this weekend – a glimpse of what God is doing.  And I hope our Annual Meeting Bingo card makes you laugh!

What do you think?  Did we leave anything off that should be there?  Could this bingo card work at your church’s annual meeting?


About Larry Lakey

Jesus follower, husband, father, pastor, preacher, leader, bass player, recovering legalist.

4 responses to “Annual Meeting Bingo!”

  1. rrc1993 says :

    This may or may not have a great response if we were to do this. But sometimes we just need to lighten up and live a little. Who says we can’t have fun. I love it.

    • larrylakey says :

      I never imagined we would do this for real, but it’s fun to imagine someone yelling “Bingo” during one of the more potentially awkward items. I’m sure it would lighten the mood quite a bit!

  2. Liz Doyon says :

    some would love it, others might not. There is no making everyone happy all of the time, just some happy some of the time. Do what God leads you to do and everything will turn out fine.

    • larrylakey says :

      I wonder if there is something healthy, and even unifying, in embracing the idea that pleasing everyone is simply impossible. It might help us better evaluate what is worth fighting about and what is just an opinion we should hold lightly.

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