The Great Recovery

It’s begun!  Our church is participating in Dave Ramsey’s “The Great Recovery,” a movement to help individuals, families, and churches to embrace more faithfully embrace the Bible’s financial stewardship principles.  You can get more info at a special website here, plus there are some great free tools available to participants (and a special section for church leaders too).

Of course, this topic is uncomfortable for some to talk about publicly.  But I firmly believe that our nation will never become what it should be until God’s people become who we are called to be.  We must be the antidote to our society’s sickness, but to do this we need to think differently.  Think differently in order to be different – That theme is coming up again and again in this series.

This Sunday, I’m preaching on the topic of financial stewardship aka “giving money” or “tithing.” This is always a slightly awkward topic to address, and it seems like today more than ever there are good causes and plenty of non-profit organizations ready to ask people for money. Because it’s an important topic in the Bible, I don’t want to back away from speaking on it. The church is different; we’re not a business. We’re not even a normal non-profit organization. To help make this distinction I came up with a Late Show-style Top 10 List, illustrating how different the church is from a business. Specifically, it show what church would be like if it was run like an airline. Here it is:

#10 Parents wait around 20 minutes after worship ends for children’s ministry to dismiss their kids on a conveyor belt.

#9 At the end of worship, the entire staff gathers at the exit to say, “Buh-bye!”

#8 Use of cell phone during beginning or ending stages of worship service will cause the church building to crash and result in a fiery death for everyone.

#7 Sleeping is not only OK, ushers actually hand out pillows and blankets!

#6 Ushers serve Communion from rolling carts in the aisle, and getting wine instead of grape juice would be $5 extra.

#5 Big givers sit in a special section behind a curtain closed for privacy.

#4 People argue over window seats. All aisle seats are $10 extra. Back row premium seating available for $20 per week.

#3 You arrive on a Sunday only to find out the worship service is delayed until Monday, and if you don’t stick around you lose $500.00.

#2 Whenever seating capacity is full, you receive a voucher for free domestic church attendance on any Sunday in the next 12 months.

#1 Church goers must arrive at least one hour early and remove shoes before entering the worship center.

But we’re not an airline.  Or a business.  We are the church.  We are called to be different and must think differently.

What do think? How else would church be different if it were run like a business?  In what ways should the church (i.e. people) be different?


About Larry Lakey

Jesus follower, husband, father, pastor, preacher, leader, bass player, recovering legalist.

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