Man Fail

On Saturday, Josh Cousineau met with over a dozen men from our church for breakfast.  As part of our 2011 Missions Conference, I asked Josh to speak on the topic “Your Home Is a Mission Field.”  He walked us through some great application while laying a solid biblical foundation.  Here is a brief overview of where he led us, including some of my own reflection:

Genesis 1:26-27, 2:21-23

Adam is given authority and responsibility as a leader.  He was called by God to provide and protect (shepherd).

Genesis 3:1-6

Adam fails in that calling as he stands idly by while his wife is led astray.  This is the manifestation of sin.  We either stand idly by or domineer and oppress.

Romans 5:12-21

We tend to act like the first Adam; we relinquish our calling as the leaders of our home.  But Jesus, the second Adam, broke the bondage of sin and offers hope for a better way!

Ephesians 5:25

Jesus gave us the perfect example as He made the ultimate sacrifice for loving his ‘bride’ – the church.  We are called to do the same, but this is only possible as the Holy Spirit works in us.

Philippians 3:8

Everything else should be counted as rubbish (hobbies, sports, etc.) in comparison to following the call of Jesus.  (There is no excuse for knowing more about your favorite sports team than about your wife or children.)

Josh went on to challenge us as men to live out this calling as husbands, fathers, and grandfathers (and one about-to-be great-grandfather).  He did a great job of describing the incredible influence that men have in their homes and families, including the role of grandfather.  I was most challenged by the way he shared his own frustrations and failings to live out this call.  I’ve also failed when I’ve set expectations too high and then, in frustration, given up because things didn’t go the way I thought they should.  (I can just hear the guys saying to each other, “That’s so first Adam, dude.  That’s a man-fail.”)

Josh encouraged us to press forward and adjust our expectations rather than abandon the call.  For example; rather than give up because we couldn’t pull off a 10-minute bible lesson with our young children, be grateful for the 3 minutes (or even 1 minute) that we had together.  And then do it again next time.  Consistency over time to worship, pray, and instruct will bear fruit teaching our kids to know and treasure Jesus.  Simple, yet profound counsel.  No more excuses.

If you were there, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you heard.  If you weren’t, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what I described above.  Men: How have you failed or succeeded to live out your calling?  Ladies: How do you feel about husbands and fathers embracing this calling?


About Larry Lakey

Jesus follower, husband, father, pastor, preacher, leader, bass player, recovering legalist.

3 responses to “Man Fail”

  1. Josh Cousineau says :

    Thanks for these reflections. Grateful Jesus was made much of and hearts were moved to treasure Jesus more!

  2. Kirk Ross says :

    We all man-fail. We don’t do a good job acknowledging our failures; instead the failures tend to discourage us from trying again. Great encouragement, and very applicable!

  3. larrylakey says :

    Yeah, I can’t agree more. We need to create a fail-safe zone; not one that’s free from failure, but where we are safe to acknowledge our failures. That’s the only way we can access God’s grace and then build up and encourage each other to press on!

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