>Behind the Crystal Ball

>Someone recently asked me about how to respond to a friend who consults psychics, fortune tellers, horoscopes, etc. This kind of activity has become widely accepted in our culture and I personally see more and more people in the church (or who claim to be a believer) engage in it. Since I’m sure many others have had a similar experience, I am sharing my advice to them – and to you:

If you are talking with an unbeliever (someone who doesn’t claim to be a Christian); I recommend not arguing against the practice but rather making an appeal for Christ. They are obviously interested in knowing what the future holds (who isn’t?) and are seeking information. Whether or not the information is true – and you don’t want to validate the practice – there is no guarantee or protection or assurance of any kind. In other words, even if consulting a mystic were to provide accurate information the person to whom it is directed is still on their own and is either powerless against the universe or now bears full responsibility on their shoulders to change a course of events (from their perspective). A sober-minded person will realize that there is too much outside of our control to give any assurances. Trusting in Jesus Christ, however, means that our past, present, and future are safeguarded by an all-powerful and loving God. The work of Christ provides forgiveness and freedom from the past; it no longer needs to have power over me. Christ provides meaning for the present; what I’m facing today I don’t have to face alone but with the Spirit of God living in me and guiding me. Christ gives assurance of my future; even the worst things in life are made powerless as God works them together for my good. Anything I face in the days unseen is under His control – I can trust Him. My eternity has been secured by a Savior who conquered death through His resurrection and I’ll spend eternity with Him. No fortune teller or horoscope can make a claim even close to that! All of this is rooted in the scriptures, of course, but you need not have all the references memorized – just know the gospel story as the Bible tells it. Your personal testimony of knowing Christ is powerful.

If, on the other hand, you are talking with a believer (someone who claims to be a Christian); the use of scripture is vital in this kind of conversation. I found the following article (although I didn’t check out the entire website) to offer sound counsel: http://christiananswersforthenewage.org/Articles_Horoscope.html
If the person in this case doesn’t regard the instructions and warnings of the Bible, they are believing something but I wouldn’t describe their belief as Christianity – it would be more like a conglomerate of beliefs drawn from culture and other religions. Christianity is, by definition, centered on Christ in the way I described above and the Bible gives plenty of warning (you’ll note the references in the article) about this stuff.

So the next time you see a horoscope and think it’s just for fun, think again 🙂 As for me, I’m going to trust in the One who holds my future!


About Larry Lakey

Jesus follower, husband, father, pastor, preacher, leader, bass player, recovering legalist.

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