>How to Show Love

>The other night, as I was praying with my 9 year old daughter at bedtime, I tried to think of how to convey just how much I love her. With her teen years on the horizon, this seems extremely important right now. I usually ask a certain familiar question, “Do you know how much I love you?” The usual reply is “To the moon and back,” or “All the way to infinity.” My reply is always “Even more than that.” We’ve been saying that to each other for years.

But she is growing up right before my eyes, and I know that her need to be known and loved is growing too. So, aware of my responsibility to model authentic love, I took the conversation one step further:

“What can I do that will show you how much I love you?”
“Hmmmm…you could run a hundred miles for me, because that’s how far you love me?”
(That sounded like a variation of ‘to the moon and back.’) I asked, “So if I run a hundred miles, you’ll feel loved?”
“No,” she admitted.
“What can I do so that you’ll know I love you?”
“Hmmmm…you could charge up my iPod for me.”
We both laughed.
“OK,” I said. “iPod it is.”
We prayed, I kissed her on the forehead, and we said good-night. I took her iPod off her desk on the way out. The next day, as she was listening to Audio Adrenaline, she smiled at me.

“I have loved you with an everlasting love…” Jeremiah 31:3. All the way to infinity…the iPod charging dock is just a stop along the way.


About Larry Lakey

Jesus follower, husband, father, pastor, preacher, leader, bass player, recovering legalist.

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